Tiger APT Adjustable Push Trolley


  • Workload from 1.0t to 10.0t
  • Fitted with a screw spindle which allows lockable adjustment to the various flange sizes within its capacity
  • The anti-drop plates design ensures extra safety and prevents damage to wheels when contacting end rail stoppers
  • Wheels run on sealed bearings for smoother rolling with less effort and maintenance
  • Locking device with high clamping force
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +80°C (temperature range of -60°C to +80°C available as an option)
  • The 5:1 factor of safety allows for use with manual or powered hoists


  • 3 ton
  • 1 ton
  • 2 ton
  • 6 ton
  • 10 ton


  • APT-0100 (75-210mm)
  • APT-0200 (75-210mm)
  • APT-0300 (75-210mm)
  • APT-0600 (105-305mm)
  • APT-1000 (160-305mm)


  • Tiger

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